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The Woking History Journal was first published in 1989 and was produced on a quarterly basis until the summer of 1991 when due to lack of finance it had to cease. PDF's of each are reproduced here to the left (or just click on the highlighted volume below). Obviously the advertisements and 'news' items are now well out of date, but the articles are still of interest. Second-hand copies of some are occassionally available, please email info@heritagewalks.org for availabilty and prices.


Volume 1 (1989) included articles on the History of Woking Palace; The Place Names of Horsell; Brookwood Cemetery Guide (part 1); 100 Years of Woking's Mosque; and Bygone Byfleet.


Volume 2 (Spring 1990) included Wells, Woking & the Real War of the Worlds; A Walk around Mayford; The Place Names of Byfleet & West Byfleet; and Knaphill in the Past.


Volume 3 (Summer 1990) included The Blue Anchor and Nuthurst Murders; Brookwood Cemetery Guide (Part 2); Historic Horsell; A History of Skeet & Jeffes; and A Walk around Kingfield.


Volume 4 (Autumn 1990) included Changing Woking; Horsell's Windmill; The Great Fire of Woking; Place Names of Pyrford; and A Walk around Lower Knaphill.


Volume 5 (Winter 1990) included 900 Years of Worship at St Peter's, Old Woking; Grantley Dick Read Centenary - Woking's Childbirth Pioneer; Memories of Inkerman; A Walk around Horsell; and Place Names of Woking.


Volume 6 (Spring 1991) included A Look at Maybury Road; The Steer Family of Horsell; 17th Century Traders Tokens of Chobham; and Brookwood Cemetery (Part 3).


Volume 7 (Summer 1991) included Local Government in Woking; A Look at Goldsworth Road; Woking People in the Past; Two Pupil Teachers from St Johns; and Woking's Fire Brigade.


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