One of the main aims of this site is to produce new 'on-line only' books and booklets on the history of Woking (and eventually elsewhere), but that is easier said than done, so it may be some time before this task is complete.


PDF versions of some of my printed booklets (and details of how you can buy copies of them) can be found by clicking on the sub sections to the left. They include the Self Guided Heritage Walks (produced between 2002-2004), the two War of the Worlds Self-Guided Cycle Rides (produced in 2005) and the Woking Town Centre - an illustrated history book (published in 2003) as well as the seven Woking History Journals (published between 1989 and 1991 ) that are now out of print and no longer available in any other format other than on this site.

There was planned a third booklet in the War of the Worlds series (that was not printed due to financial constraints), which I hope to publish later on this site. It will cover the Old Woking, Send, Ripley and Pyrford areas. Ultimately I may add a more detailed illustrated ‘book’ based on my research into the ‘history’ of the novel.


The first 'on-line only' publications are based on the 'Self Guided Heritage Walks' format mentioned above. I started with great enthusiasm in early 2012 and managed to produce on-line only versions based on that years Heritage Walks Programme for the first few months of the year, but with other commitments work fell behind and it soon became evident that I could not keep up the pace. Further booklets will be produced (I promise), but for now they are all that are available.


I have, of course, written several other books and booklets on the history of Woking, but as most of these have been for other publishers (or in collaboration with other groups or individuals), I do not feel at liberty to reproduce them here. I do have some copies of certain publications available for sale (as second hand copies), so if you are interested please contact me for details of prices and postage & packing. These may include (but not always) Bygone Woking; Woking As It Was; Woking 150, The History of Woking & Its Railway; and The Industrial History of the Borough of Woking.

I do have new copies of Changing Woking, 1900-1930 now on sale at £6.00 each with UK postage for each book costing £4.00, the rest of Europe £5.50 and the rest of the world £7.50. If you are wishing to buy more than one book (or orders with other publications), we will be happy to provide an exact quote for P&P.

Unfortunately I no longer have available any of the Sheerwater Pylon - The First Ten Years.


This site is privately funded and does not (and never will) receive any money from outside sources to maintain it. The sale of any books through this site goes towards the cost of maintaining the site - the more books I sell the more ‘on-line only’ books and ‘archive’ items I can make available. A PDF of Rare and Second Hand books (on a variety of history, local history and topographical subjects) can be found to the left.


My first book, Bygone Woking, was published in 1983, with Woking As It Was published two years later.

In 1987 Woking 150 was published with the Guide to the Industrial History of Woking produced a few years later. All are now well and truly out of print, although I do occasionally have second hand copies available for sale.

All the contents of this website are copyrighted and should not be reproduced in any form for commercial purposes without prior agreement. Anybody wishing to copy material for private and research study purposes may do so. © Iain Wakeford, 2015.