War of the Worlds



In 2005 I published two ‘Woking, Wells and the Real War of the Worlds’, cycle ride booklets. The first was on Woking Town Centre & Horsell Common, with the second continuing the story (and ride) around Maybury Hill. These booklets costs £2.00 (RRP £2.25) with UK postage and packing costing £1.50, the rest of Europe £2.50 and the rest of the world £5. If you are wishing to buy both booklets just add £2.00 for that booklet (the postage will cover both), but for more than three booklets (or orders with other publications), we will be happy to provide an exact quote for P&P.


I am sorry I cannot accept Credit/Debit cards and I do not have a 'Paypal' account (or anthing similar). I know this is not 'normal' in this day and age of Amazon or Ebay (or similar sites), but as you may have gathered by now (if you have read my 'Home' page), I don't 'do' normal.


There was planned a third booklet in the War of the Worlds series (that was not printed due to financial constraints), which I hope to publish later on this site. It will cover the Old Woking, Send, Ripley and Pyrford areas. Ultimately I may add a more detailed illustrated ‘book’ based on my research into the ‘history’ of the novel.



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