Woking Town Centre



In 2003 I published my book Woking Town Centre - An Illustrated History (essentially a short history of the central part of Woking - Goldsworth, Maybury, Heathside & Mount Hermon areas).


It would be too large to reproduce here in one file - so I have broken it down into three-chapter sections; Chapters 1-3 (Origins: Middle Ages; & Transport); Chapters 4-6 (Necropolis; Victorian Institutions; and Development of the New Town); Chapters 7-9 (Local Government & Services; Woking at War; and Early Post-War Woking); and Chapters 10-12 (Woking New Town Centre - The 1970's; Consolidation - Woking into the 1980's; and Another New Town Centre - The 1990's and Beyond) .


If you want the printed version of the book it costs £10.00 (RRP £11.99) with UK postage costing £4.00, the rest of Europe £5.50 and the rest of the world £7.50. If you are wishing to buy more than one book (or orders with other publications), we will be happy to provide an exact quote for P&P.


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